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Slow Down On Development!

Local Brilanders Take Page From Protesting Biminites


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Preachers Cave, North Eleuthera

Archaeological excavation reveals remains of 1,000 year-old Lucayan Indian, sets pace for launch of the North Eleuthera Historical Society

(Photo courtesy of board director Richard Malcolm)

June 2006

Briland Wedding Planners

April 2006

Nassau, Bahamas

Briland's Kayleaser Moss

Produces Coastal Awareness Campaign

March 2006


Nassau Tribune

Briland Development Labelled 'Obscene'

January 2006

Rotary Chairs For Eleuthera

December 2005

Briland Sports Park - Harbour Island

Brilanders young and old enjoy themselves

at the newly-constructed sports complex in Harbour Island.

(Photo courtesy of Briland Park director Andrew Johnson)

November 2005


Harbour Island

7 November 2005

The Chicken Shack Fire


Glass Window Bridge

Eleuthera, Bahamas

September 2005

The Glass Window Bridge of Eleuthera is to be replaced by a new $8.9 million dollar structure.  The Nassau Guardian reported that the Minister of Works Bradley Roberts revealed this is the amount that was allocated for the replacement of the bridge.   The bridge was damaged last year in the hurricane, the third time in as many years that the bridge has been damaged.   This seems a little strange for a little bridge over a small piece of water that engineers in this country can't seem to get it right.  We trust that this time when the repairs are done that this will mean that the bridge can withstand the torrents of the hurricanes and northwesters to come.  The Minister told the press that this time it will be done right.

Harbour Island Paramedics Team

October 2005

Graduates of Harbour Island's medical first responders' course stand behind, from left, Administrator Alexander Flowers, Chief Councillor Eloise Knowles, Minister of Health Dr. Marcus Bethel, North Eleuthera Member of Parliament and Leader of the Opposition Alvin Smith, Nursing Officer II Ernestine Brennen, and Paul Newbold, Field Director, National Emergency Medical Services.

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