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Eleuthera Artist Lord Macmillan Hughes Remembered
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Posted by:May 6th 2018, 06:58:56 pm
fitzpatrickI'm so glad to find this forum. I have a print by Gordon M Hughes and I am hoping someone would know a gallery that handles his work. Thanks in advance
Posted by:Feb 11th 2015, 07:16:33 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThank you for showing such respect to our occasional island compatriot ... his was a life well-lived.

Posted by:Jan 28th 2015, 05:32:35 pm
caz14The people posting that they had found a grave with Gordon's name on in Tralee, Co.Kerry are quite right in thinking this is where he was buried. I actually met him at an artists retreat in Co.Kerry. In fact I identified his body in the Tralee morgue and subsequently helped to arrange his funeral. Gordon was estranged from his family at this point. It is kind of a sad tale, but this is definitely where he was laid to rest. Four of us attended his funeral.
Posted by:Nov 3rd 2014, 11:40:05 am
Fig Tree News TeamGreetings, Sir Maximus: if you search the forum for his name, you'll see quite a few posts as to his passing in 2001. According to George Major, he died in Florence but still had his permananent home on Eleuthera. I'm not sure why there isn't more media coverage of this remarkable man's career online, but I found almost a dozen notes here on the Briland Modem.

Happy hunting!
Lord Dunmore Grouper
Posted by:Nov 2nd 2014, 06:13:57 am
TadhgusMaximusI am fascinated by this forum on Lord Gordon Mac Millan Hughes. I live in a town called Tralee in the south west of Ireland. A rather neglected-looking single grave in the local town cemetry read's: Lord Gordon Mac Millan Hughes 8-September-2001 AT REST. Having enquired, I understand there was no funeral service or mourner's at the burial. It seems unusual, but not impossible, that two Lord's shared the same exact name. Does anyone have any exact information on the dates of the death of this gentleman and his place of burial. Any reply will be appreciated. Thank you. TM
Posted by:Oct 11th 2011, 03:20:52 am
baeszWe met Gordon & Juanita on our honeymoon in Eleuthera. He was still building his house there. What an impression he made on us. We loved them both!
We saw them again in Eleuthera and in NY over the next 2 years. He was a lovely man, an unforgettable character. We bought a painting, 'Subtle Center', which we love & appreciate. And every time we look at it, it brings us right back to that time.
I'll never forget them. I'm sorry for his loss.
Posted by:Aug 25th 2011, 11:33:43 am
jasI'm looking at a painting we bought from Gordon in 1988. It's called moonlight in Eleuthera. We met him in Tarpum Bay when he was living there and first saw the painting at Cotton Bay Club. Fell in love with it immediately.So sorry for his loss.

Jim and Janis
Posted by:Apr 22nd 2011, 07:17:48 pm
CatherineI was visiting Rath graveyard Tralee County Kerry Ireland this week when I noticed a neglected grave with a marker; on it was written ' Lord Gordon McMillan Hughes 6th 9 2001 at rest'. There was no headstone. I was intrigued why a Lord would be buried there and saddened as there was no headstone.The forum members note the date of death as 2005 but it seems to be the same person. I will try and find out why he was buried there and also why the date is different
Posted by:Mar 7th 2009, 05:34:32 pm
MRSLRBI had the pleasure of knowing Gordon MacMillan-Hughes for one day in 1971. We met on the beach in Tarpum Bay; he invited my travelling companions and I to dine with him at a private club that evening. He was one of the most unforgettable characters I have ever met and, even after 30+ years, I happened to think of him and Google brought up your message about his death in 2005. I know you may never read this, but if you do, believe as I do that all those who knew him for even as briefly as I, mourn his passing.
Posted by:Mar 17th 2005, 01:48:26 pm
Fig Tree News TeamDuring a web search today, I was saddened today to (belatedly) read at of the death of my one-time acquaintance, who I knew as Gordon MacMillan-Hughes.

In the mid 70's I ran into the MacMillan Hughes family traveling from their home in England to their home in Eleuthera, via New York.
I was fascinated by Gordon's art, photographs of which he was carrying for a gallery in NY. On that occasion I was able to facilitate his transportation once we arrived at JFK, and so was born a acquaintanceship of some few years.

When in England, Gordon lived in a wonderful house in Stratford-upon-Avon, on a property abutting Anne Hathaway's Cottage. The
house spanned many centuries and was a mass of stairways, all added by different builders over the years. I also particularly recall
the bathroom shower which must have been one of the first ever constructed in the 19th century. Whenever I traveled through Stratford-u-Avon I always popped in to say hello and, over one period in the late 70's spent several weekends there whilst he made a life mask and a couple of busts of me.

His house and gallery on the beach in Eleuthera occupy an idyllic location, which I was pleased to visit as his guest, and I always
thought how wonderful it must be (for you all in Eleuthera) to have that vista every morning.

He was always extremely gracious and friendly toward me and I enjoyed our socializations. Shortly before I relocated permanently to the USA in 1980, he became estranged from some members of his family, a victim of his
great appetites for life, and chose to remain more often in the Bahamas. And we lost touch.

I see that he passed away in Florence. Was the internment also in Italy, or Eleuthera or the U.K.? Do you know whether there is a permanent marker or a grave?

David Shore

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