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Beka Developments (Daniel Evans CEO) Boucaan Resort Grand Bahama
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Posted by:May 21st 2018, 02:52:42 pm
Not MeThe message below is not from
Someone used my email without my permission.
Posted by:May 6th 2018, 06:58:21 pm
I was fooled too!Hello,
I am also a victom of the BEKA Development LLC scam. Any updates would be great.
Posted by:Mar 28th 2014, 07:02:57 am
nanahcubHi I have sent you an email about the whereabouts of Daniel and Joni Evans good luck
Posted by:Mar 28th 2014, 05:45:00 am
mymoneysorry to hear that. i am another victim of his fraud. please send me his details to please provide as much information as you can
i have been looking for him since he left Atlanta without a trace. he will go to jail.
Dan Evans; come on to this forum and explain to your victims why you stole their hard earned dollars?
Posted by:Mar 28th 2014, 04:31:41 am
nanahcubsorry forgot to add that he was evicted from is last place in Georgia as well a month before coming to Florida
he is a total conn artist how he can say he is a true family man is unbelievable and a downright liar there ought to be a law in the States to prosecute him for conning trick that he gets up to he owes me in excess of $25000 and has trashed our house
Posted by:Mar 28th 2014, 04:31:21 am
nanahcubsorry forgot to add that he was evicted from is last place in Georgia as well a month before coming to Florida
he is a total conn artist how he can say he is a true family man is unbelievable and a downright liar there ought to be a law in the States to prosecute him for conning trick that he gets up to he owes me in excess of $25000 and has trashed our house
Posted by:Mar 28th 2014, 04:26:33 am
nanahcubYes I can confirm this lying no good vermin has been staying illegally in my house for months without payment and I am trying to evict him if anyone wants to know where he is I am happy to furnish you with the details
Posted by:Jul 1st 2012, 04:29:51 pm
smithDo not trust or do any kind of business with Dan Evans. He will lie and rip you off any way he can. Him and his wife Joni Evans are nothing but no good deceiving people. They owe me money, which I have tried to get back, but they refused to answer my calls or return my messages. They claim to be good christian people but refuse to pay and rip a 19 year old like myself along with many other nannies. They are very dishonest. And one day they will oay for it.
Posted by:Jun 11th 2012, 04:11:59 pm
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Posted by:Feb 18th 2012, 10:03:22 pm
anonannywell well it seems to me that not only are the evans pros at pulling the wool over investors eyes but that seems to roll over into other aspects of their lives as well. Employing 2-4 nannies at a time probably uses a big chunk of money they have taken from investors and filtered into their own accounts. writing bad checks to past employees because they have shut down and cleared out various accounts... paying lawyers under the table for shady adoptions. And on top of that running a fradulent investment project. things always come to light, and the light is getting closer
Posted by:Jul 6th 2011, 02:28:40 pm
itsbeenraisedIt seems to me that those who are disgruntled with this project (Edward, Yet Another, and Roddy) should step back and consider that negative posts are only working against them. As both, former employees and investors they should know that. Having an axe to grind and posting as fake people to stir things up only prevents them from ever receiving anything positive from the project, and isn't that really what they want? I am sure that they understand that by posting this way that they are only making it more difficult for them to get what they want... so I ask, why do it? Intelligent and patient people that know Mr. Evans, know that he has worked very hard on this project for many years and there are a great number of people that trust that he is continuing to work diligently to complete this project in spite of the undermining efforts of a small group of folks posting around these sites. Smart people all over the world have suffered severe setbacks in this economy and yet this project still survives but not because their posts have made it any easier. It is not Mr. Evans' fault that these global events have occured in the past several years, but he has continued to persevere and work towards the end goal for the common good. One should consider how bad the economy has been and how many changes have taken place in both the political arena and in the fund raising environment before they post and understand that by doing so, they not only hurt themselves, but many others who have invested and continue to help with this project, as well as those in the Bahamas who will reap the economic benefits upon its completion. Seriously, didn't your mother's teach you, "if you don't have anything GOOD to say...?"
Posted by:Jun 29th 2011, 05:56:18 pm
sprwatchWednesday, June 29, 2011


Tribune Business Editor

The developers proposing a south Eleuthera resort project involving a $900 million Phase I investment say they have learned the relevant lessons from the Four Seasons Emerald Bay's woes and other failed Bahamas developments, telling Tribune Business they are structuring the transaction in "reverse" to the traditional model.

Daniel Evans, chief executive of Georgia-based Beka Development, the developer of the South Point Resort project, said they had recognised the need to address early key issues such as employee housing and a critical mass of attractions and amenities - both of which had contributed to Four Seasons' demise in Exuma.

He added that the 2007-2008 credit crunch had given Beka time to reassess the model it would use to structure its development, and the company had prioritised getting its debt financing and equity investor partners in place first - as opposed to securing the land, getting government approvals and then rounding up the capital to make it happen.

"Historically, a developer came in, set out a development plan, bought the land, got government approvals, raised additional equity and sought extra debt financing," Mr Evans said. "We did it in reverse."

Given the changes in the credit market, particularly how much tighter it had become, the Beka chief said it was much more difficult for real estate-based developments to obtain the necessary debt financing and additional equity they needed to progress.

As a result, Beka had focused on these two areas first , before working on the government approvals and land acquisition. And, according to its website, it has lined up China Export-Import Bank, Baha Mar's financing partner, as its likely debt financier. Shanghai Construction Group and Hilton Worldwide are named as the likely construction and resort partners, respectively.

Reaction to Tribune Business's Monday disclosure of Beka's South Point Resort intentions has been mixed to say the least, with many people expressing scepticism about whether the company has the wherewithal, experience and resources to pull off what it says it is going to accomplish.

This is not surprising, given the poor track record of many Family Island resort projects unveiled in the 2002-2007 'boom years', including some that were announced for Eleuthera. Environmentalists are understood to be especially concerned about the potential impact Beka's project might have on their already-developed plans to protect Eleuthera's natural resources.

Many have also questioned whether Beka has a successful track record in resort development, given its 12-year search for a suitable project site in the Bahamas, and its failure to move forward on the Bahamas Golden Beach project that was slated for eastern Grand Bahama.

Mr Evans previously told Tribune Business that the failure to advance that site was due to environmental issues, and the fact that 80 per cent of the required land was government-owned Crown Land. Independent sources have subsequently told this newspaper that at that time, Mr Evans and Beka did have "all their ducks lined up" in terms of financing, including a nine-figure credit line put together by the Swiss bank, UBS.

Meanwhile, sources close to the vendor of the primary south Eleuthera site being eyed by Beka have told Tribune Business that, despite on-off talks over the past few years, the developers have yet to put a deposit down on the property.

Still, that could be explained by Mr Evans' decision to focus on the debt and equity financing first, and given that Beka's application to the Bahamas Investment Authority is said to be imminent, a move on the real estate side would have to be forthcoming.

Independent sources have confirmed to Tribune Business that Beka has made good progress with its potential partners, although much more remains to be done, and it may be another year before it becomes clear whether the developer will be able to consummate its plans.

Meanwhile, Mr Evans told this newspaper that Beka planned to 'joint venture' with Bahamian contractors to build employee housing for the South Point Resort, given the accommodation shortage that faced Four Seasons when it opened in Exuma.

"We've had discussions in the past about setting aside funds to joint venture with Bahamians on building community housing. With Four Seasons there was an issue with housing for employees," he added.

"Our plan is to work with existing Bahamian construction companies and partner with them to build houses in the community surrounding the property."

South Point Resort is looking at two key five-six star hotel properties, one of 600 rooms and another of 300 rooms. Mr Evans said Beka had studied Atlantis's financials when it was a public company, and studied other projects to determine what made them succeed or fail.

Niche, boutique properties had a 50/50 failure/success rate, and he argued that developments that "jumped to a minimum critical mass, a minimum size, have a better chance of succeeding".

"Four Seasons was hard to get to, and there was not much to do when you got there," Mr Evans said, hence Beka's plans to generate entrepreneurial opportunities for Bahamians in areas such as kayaking and horseback riding.

Ultimately, Beka was targeting the provision of "300 hours of amenities and 300 hours of activities" in a week for South Point guests. "Those hours of activity require a minimum capital investment, and that minimum capital investment requires a minimum number of people to amortise the cost over," Mr Evans said.

"You almost, in one fell swoop, jump to the core to justify the capital expenditure."

Beka, he added, had "worked diligently" on an airlift solution, and had a potential partner to provide direct service into Rock Sound, which was "well recognised as being able to support reasonable airlift".

Posted by:Jun 28th 2011, 07:59:00 am
Fig Tree News TeamFrom today's papers, another announcement of activity:

‎$900m resort project eyes 700 full-time jobs Published On:Monday, June 27, 2011
By NEIL HARTNELL Tribune Business Editor

A RESORT project involving a Phase I investment of $900 million and 600-700 permanent jobs is planning to formally apply for government approvals in July, as it aims to establish a cruise port and five-six star hotel facilities in south Eleuthera.

Daniel Evans, chief executive of Beka Development, the developer of the South Point Resort project, told Tribune Business that Phase 1 was likely to employ between 500-1,000 Bahamian construction workers "under direct contract" and, when completed, the development would provide visitors with "300 hours of amenities and 300 hours of activities".

Telling this newspaper that bringing the South Point Resort development to this stage had taken up "the last 12 years of my life", Mr Evans said the project required no Crown or Treasury land - targeting only privately-owned land for development - and would be constructed to the highest environmental standards.

He described Beka's vision for the resort as being a "five-six star property, with quality amenities and high standards of service, phenomenal golf courses with water views and a residential community.

"We anticipate doing on a separate parcel a cruise port, entertainment and retail district," Mr Evans told Tribune Business.

"We anticipate that there will be somewhere between 500-1,000 Bahamians employed on the construction phase under direct contract, and with support services and suppliers, there will be significantly more than that.

"On a permanent basis, the number of jobs in Phase I could be 600-700 people."

Mr Evans described the Phase I budget as being "a little over $900 million", and including the hotels, two golf courses, infrastructure and retail amenities.

The Beka Development chief executive declined to identify the master site in south Eleuthera being earmarked for the estimated 2,100 acre South Point project while its application to the Bahamas Investment Authority was pending, but added: "We have been down there and explored a number of different parcels and sites........ We are finalising some of the masterplan properties."

Three locations have been assessed for suitability as a cruise port, and Mr Evans confirmed: "We ultimately desire to put a cruise port in there. The cruise port generates a critical mass that supports a lot of the amenities package."

Explaining that the cruise industry wanted dedicated piers, he added: "We have looked at three different sites for a cruise port. All three sites, and whatever we're doing, will be on private land, not government land.

"In our plans, we do not plan on asking the Government for any kind of Crown Land to do the project; all this will be done on private land."

Emphasising that Beka Development and Sound Point Resort would adhere to the highest environmental standards, Mr Evans said the cruise point would be designed such that no 'cuts' would have to be made in the ocean bed or coastline.

"The three locations have been looked at with environmental sensitivity, and in none of the three do we have to put in a cut into the beach or a cut into the ocean," he added.

"We're extremely sensitive to preserving the beauty and natural resources of land in the Bahamas. At the expense of significant capital costs, we've readjusted some of our plans so we do not have to make cuts in the ocean, and preserve the beachfront without encumbering it.

"We have no desire to put canals in. We think the beauty of the land, and what we can create with the land, speaks for itself."

Mr Evans told Tribune Business he was first invited to the Bahamas in 1999, when an Atlanta-based firm he had connections with was working on the development of Atlantis's Phase II. Between 1999-2002, various resort development projects were explored amid the fall-out from the September 11 attacks, and Beka Development was formed in 2002 as a single purpose entity to develop a Bahamas-based resort project.

Beka worked extensively on developing a project for eastern Grand Bahama, the Bahamas Golden Beach development, which was reported on several years ago by Tribune Business. However, the project never came to fruition because it would have required a significant amount of Crown Land - something that would have conflicted with the FNM's election pledge.

"We're in full support of the Government, and wanted to accommodate them and worked to find a different location, which we're very happy to do," Mr Evans said, adding that in 2008 Beka Development was asked by the Ingraham administration to look at a different site.

Explaining that South Point Resort's Phase I had been scaled down in comparison to the east Grand Bahama plans, Mr Evans said: "We're not looking to build a massive Atlantis-size hotel in the first phase."

Asked where Beka stood in terms of submitting its application to the Bahamas Investment Authority, he added: "We've got it mostly written. We just want to make sure we get it as accurate as we can. We want to be good stewards, and know the Government's time is valuable, so we want to make sure we're as polished as we can be."

Beka Development said it had received Letters of Intent already from potential strategic partners, including a top-class hotel brand, construction partners, an airline, debt financier and institutional equity investors.

Mr Evans declined to name these potential partners, but the project's website names Hilton Worldwide as the resort brand. The debt financier is Baha Mar's financing partner, China Export-Import Bank, and the contractor is named as another Chinese company, Shanghai Construction Group.

Mr Evans, who has a 27-year history in commercial financing transactions, and started out as a bank examiner for the US Comptroller of the Currency, also has on Beka's development team David Gunter as chief financial officer, and Paul Graham as chief marketing officer.

Beka's chief development officer is John Davies, was has an extensive Bahamas background through work in a similar capacity for Albany and the Ginn sur mer project.

The developers are also being advised by Julian Francis, the former Central Bank governor, and Joe Thompson.
Posted by:May 16th 2011, 05:08:14 pm
danSPRYet Another- I am sorry your past experience with boucaan/beka/sound point but the past is the past and when other investors don't fund their commitments its not my fault that I cannot pay or honor previuos commitments. Pls see recent posts concerning updated information on sound point resort located at The updates are exciting and I hope I can follow-thru. You can view my $6 million home on google earth, 175 dorris rd, alpharetta ga usa.
Posted by:Apr 30th 2010, 04:11:37 pm
KSIs this true information? I know people involved in the project and need to confirm. Thanks.
Posted by:Apr 14th 2010, 07:04:23 am
Yet AnotherI would urge anyone considering investing with Beka Developement - Dan Evans to reconsider or conduct all due dilligence before parting with a penny. April 09 he finally confessed to there being no money in the company bank account - how strange since the company had very few overheads other than a few employees and his $250,000 per month he allegedly paid himself despite Evans bragging about having raised $9m in seed funds... He refuses to provide investors with Financial Statements - because in doing so would show that the investors money was spent to enhance his lifestyle and that of his wife. He owes me money and has appointed an Attorney to tell me he isn't paying me - it turns out he had to pay me some money and is now refusing to do so and his excuse is:- he is accusing me of posting the recent information about him on the web, which I did't do but he's contacted the FBI to tell them to investigate this matter...Quite hilarious!!! This man must never be allowed to take money from innocent people again and he musn't be allowed to ruin the lives of those who trusted him. He blames everyone but himself for his failings when the fact remains, he is living in a $6m home and lives the life of a celebrity at the cost of those who have worked hard their entire lives - it's so so wrong and must not be allowed to continue. I sympathise with all who have been affected by this man and his greed. He has also told those closest to him that he has a court order to have all postings on the web about him removed, this was weeks ago...It seems that the truth is a bitter pill for Evans to swallow!
Posted by:Mar 7th 2010, 08:36:26 am
tonypriceI've had some dealings with Daniel Evens, he's around town just avoiding you. I might be able to help.
Posted by:Feb 16th 2010, 05:33:42 am
EdwardMelvilleLast year an associate of mine invested a large sum of money in a company called Beka development LLC based in Atlanta. The company was originally going to build a resort called "Boucaan" on GBI. This was all fine until the CEO Daniel Evans refused to give financial statements to shareholders on the company accounts. It then became clear that the company had no funds to even purchase land to start the development and the land offer on GBI was withdrawn and Daniel Evans changed location to Eluthera at Sound Point approx 2000 acres.
The CEO now refuses now refuses to update on any progress.

Any information on Beka, Boucaan or Daniel Evans would be appreciated.

Posted by:Oct 19th 2009, 12:24:55 pm
KimberlyI found this online, and hope that it helps your research:
Posted by:Oct 19th 2009, 11:56:39 am
Roddy LawsonI am interested to hear from anyone who has invested or had dealings with Beka Developments regarding the Boucaan development.

Please contact me at

Contact us online at