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Increasing Cat Population Harbour Island
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Posted by:Jun 24th 2003, 05:16:09 pm
MaddieGiven the fact that all tropical islands have built in rat and mouse populations, I think a controlled number of cats are a great idea. Someone should rent them out to homeowners who are having rodent problems.
Posted by:Jun 23rd 2003, 04:08:18 pm
KimberlyHey, Colin ... no fair! That's exactly the kind of attitude that got our potcats into their present sad state of affairs, guy. Island felines are the most loyal animals around [yes, I admit to being a 'cat speciesist.' And horses, and turtles, lobster and really big fish.]
Posted by:Jun 23rd 2003, 03:18:13 pm
HannahMaybe you are not that fond of cats as I am not that fond of some people but such a flighty remark does not help with a very real problem. Thanks for your comments
Posted by:Jun 23rd 2003, 02:20:54 pm
ColinWhy would anyone need a cat on Briland, or anywhere else?? Get a dog! Have him or her spay/neutered. Dogs are good; cats are, well, cats!!
(My apologies for this speciesist rant. We have a cat and I cannot WAIT for us to get a real pet that responds to humans. Purring doesn't count!!)
Posted by:Jun 21st 2003, 02:29:46 pm
KimberlyThanks for posting this. Last weekend, several folks on the island were asking as to the schedule for spay/neuter clinics ... how often are they held? Are there catboxes on hand that can be borrowed in order to bring some of these guys in?

Posted by:Jun 21st 2003, 12:42:55 pm
HannahIn case no one has noticed the feral cat population has really increased on Harbour Island. Cats generally have pregnancies lasting from 58 to 65 days and go into heat twice a year so you can see how quickly the population can grow if things are not kept in check. With each cat having a litter, on the average of 4 kittens and they going on to have kittens themselves as early as 6 months of age we can quickly be overrun. We desperately need help trapping any wild cats so that we can spay and neuter and we need anyone that has a cat or kittens in their yard to do the responsible thing and bring them to us to be spayed or neutered. This is done free of charge. Anyone wishing to help with this program can call Hannah at 333-3164 or Brenda at 333-2548. WE NEED YOUR HELP

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