Hurricane Frances

September 2004

"I would trade Rush Limbaugh for Darrold Miller [of ZNS Bahamas Radio] any day of the week.  He gave the best reports, along with Mr. Dean and the other reporters, of ANY in the United States.  All we got were reporters standing outside in heavy winds showing torn apart buildings with no information of hurricanes, and no critical information that people could use.   Mr. Miller should be given an award for his reporting.  We even had one reporter who when talking about "looting," said it was "to be expected."  Kudos to Mr. Miller for taking it seriously and yet being able to maintain a sense of humor.  People need to know the seriousness of these storms.   The problem with most "news" these days is that it seems to be more 'entertainment' than information." -- Judie Reynolds, Bay & Murray House [Harbour Island]

Bay Street, Harbour Island

Richard Lusk

New Briland Landscaping

Shannon Keyes

Frances' Seaweed "Gift" [Eleuthera]

Island Gardening

Shannon Keyes

Dunmore Street North

Shannon Keyes

Along The Bay

Shannon Keyes

New Patio Beginnings

Shannon Keyes

Ocean With A Mind Of Her Own

Ben Knox

Boat and Tree Meet Cute

Shannon Keyes

Triana Shores

Shannon Keyes

Eye of the Storm

Robert Arthur

Steeper Pink

Ben Knox


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Solitary Sand

Ben Knox

Beyond The Beach

Ben Knox

More Island Views

Photography by Dr. Bruce Lowe

Our thanks to Robert Arthur, Shannon Keyes, Ben Knox, Balara Manor, Bruce Lowe and Richard Lusk for sharing their cameras with  Please forward your storm photographs in .jpeg format to for inclusion in the Hurricane Frances gallery.


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