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The Briland Modem Fund
Got Hardware, Software, Free Time To Spare?

Support Island Community Computer Centres, After-School Programs

Hatchet Bay Community Computer Centre

"Sure, the island is busier, and I'm the first one to fuss about the 'tourists and boat people' buying up the bread and inflating the cost of living. But then I look around and see that the people of Briland, as a whole, are far better off than they were 20 years ago, the beach (and town) looks cleaner than ever, there is a wonderful new health clinic, etc. etc. etc.   And as for the Web site and computer centre ... you had to live through the hellish uncertainty following Andrew to appreciate what "being connected" meant after Floyd." 
-- posted to the Briland Modem bulletin board by 'FARCLIFF' on July 18, 2000
About the Briland.com
and the not-for-profit Briland Modem Fund
The online community portal known as The Briland Modem was launched in September 1999, in the wake of Hurricane Floyd.   As a result of the site's effectiveness in coordinating emergency hurricane relief for the community, the not-for-profit Briland Modem Fund debuted in March 2000 as a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization to help coordinate community development both on and offline.  Executive director and third-generation Brilander Kimberly King-Burns and board members Glenroy Aranha, Richard Haskell and Sharon King focused on opening a community computer centre that would offer free Internet access and computer training workshops to locals, and worked in tandem with local government council to open the first centre on Harbour Island in June 2000. 


Briland Modem logo, courtesy of local artist Harvey Roberts

Corporate sponsors

Thanks to enthusiastic corporate sponsors such as IBM Nassau, Rotary Club East Nassau, Royal Bank of Canada, Amoury Company Ltd. and Wadsworth Holdings Ltd. and a core volunteer network, the Briland Modem Fund now manages six community centres in Eleuthera and Harbour Island.  Our successful experience to date with the overwhelming popularity of these Out Island computer training centers only confirms our belief that an exceptional potential workforce exists in the Bahamas, which will allow it to fully participate in this new era of globalization. No longer will our country's youth be forced to emigrate from their home islands in search of suitable employment.

Positive community feedback
We have seen a corps of high school students and young adults forming web design shops in order to design websites that support local businesses, several of whom have secured college scholarships to study computer science.   Thanks to their entrepreneurial drive which was focused by the development of these computer centres -- our islands' local industries, businesses and agricultural interests will be able to market their unique skills to the outside world.  The Briland Modem Fund now manages community computer centres in Bluff, Eleuthera; Hatchet Bay,Eleuthera; James Cistern, Eleuthera; Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera; and Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

Bluff Community Computer Centre

A community-wide resource

The Fund also supports the developmental education initiatives of Exceptional Education Outreach; the after-school programs of the Knowles House in Rock Sound, Eleuthera; and Dunmore School, a not-for-profit school in Harbour Island.

Status of Harbour Island Centre

Please note that as of Spring 2004, the Harbour Island community center located in the Sir George Roberts Library has been closed to the general public, and is now open for access by students of the Harbour Island All-Age School only.   Paid Internet access is available at Arthur's Bakery on Dunmore Street, and Golden Apple Cafe on Colebrooke Street/Queen's Highway.

Your Assistance Requested
As for the ongoing management of the various centers, and the continued development of additional centres throughout the Southern Out Islands of the Bahamas, your donations of hardware, software and related technology support arealways appreciated.  Please ship all supplies to G&G Shipping, 760 NE 7th Avenue, Dania FL 33004, Tel 1 954 920 0306, attention: Richard Monroe. In the meantime, please remember to clearly LABEL all parcels [marked 'parcel' vs. 'manifest'] for the Briland Modem Fund community technology center program to show being addressed to Senior Commissioner Cephas Cooper, c/o Customs Officer Cox, Harbour Island Community Center. Such clear marking will ensure that your donation is imported duty-free.

Briland Modem Fund Hailed

As Social Entrepreneur [Fast Company 2002]

History of the community computer centre network:

Briland Wired For Immediate Access
North Eleuthera Administrative Coordinator Roslyn Neely and

the Briland Modem Fund's Kimberly King-Burns contributed to this story


[Fall 1999] -- Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Senior Commissioner Rufus Johnson and his excellent staff, the brand-new Briland computer center - located in the old fire engine house on Gaol Lane, next to the government complex -- now boasts four Pentium computers, two Macintosh computers, a Hewlett-Packard printer, an entire set of the Hooked On Phonics software program [still in transit on the G&G], tons of edutainment, financial support, word-processing software and two local instructors, Richette Percentie and Adele Farquharson, for the adult and after-school programs soon to get underway.

Many thanks are due to the local islanders and expat residents of the island who made the computer center concept a reality, including the skilled carpenters, painters and carpet installation experts who loaned their time to the buildout and renovation of the old firehouse, including Edward Saunders, Oliver Adderley, Clemente Adderley, Glenroy Aranha and Samuel 'Cody' Cartwright. Comm. Johnson supervised the carpet installation. Mr. Mullings of the Harbour Island All-Age School donated the beautiful computer table. Susan Ellis donated office furniture; Toni and Chuck Blankenship and Eddie Major outfitted local councillor Harvey Roberts' office with desk and chair; Sharon King donated a Pentium computer and Hewlett-Packard printer; Kimberly and Elkanah Burns donated a Pentium computer; Betty Henley donated a Pentium computer; Jim Reno donated a Macintosh laptop; Karin Anderson donated a Macintosh Power Book; Ron Ellis donated a huge box of business and word-processing software; Terry Frank donated a Hooked on Phonics set; Donald Sweeting of Spanish Wells supervised the installation of the computers and printer; Batelnet donated Internet access to the Center; and the Briland Modem message board located at www.briland.com served as the project coordinator of all volunteer gifts and donations.

Briland Community Computer Centre Opens!

Gaol Lane at the Courtroom

[Fall 1999] -- Harbour Island Commissioner Rufus Johnson has refurbished the old fire engine house on Gaol Lane [next to the Post Office, the courtroom and police station] as a computer-based community center, which will offer classes in computer instruction, HTML design for the World Wide Web. The community center is currently being wired for Internet access. Volunteers for onsite afternoon tutorials, weekly classes, and assistance in the technical infrastructure buildout of the community center are invited to note their schedule of availability via the Briland Modem messageboard, for integration into a master schedule for access by local teachers.

To that end, the Briland Modem Fund has agreed to distribute a call to arms for donations to the community service project, in the way of all furniture and supplies needed. As of today, three generous donations of brand-new computers have been received, but the center hopes to bring in up to six such setups so that adult and after-school classes can be scheduled. Early Pentium models are welcome, as long as setups are IBM-compatible PCs.

You'll be shipping all such supplies to G&G Shipping, 760 NE 7th Avenue, Dania FL 33004, Tel 1 954 920 0306, attention: Richard Monroe. In the meantime, please remember to clearly LABEL all parcels [marked 'parcel' vs. 'manifest'] for the Harbour Island community center to show being addressed to Senior Commissioner, c/o Customs Officer Wilson, Harbour Island Community Centre. Such clear marking will ensure that your donation is imported duty-free. All U.S. donors to the Community Center buildout should inform the Briland Modem Fund of their offering at info@briland.com, as all such gifts will be acknowledged with a receipt for tax purposes, as the Fund is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.