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Who Are We?

The Fig Tree is published by the Briland Modem, located online at Briland.com.

Publisher: Kimberly King-Burns
Editorial Review Board: Glenroy Aranha, Harvey Roberts, Kimberly King-Burns, Sharon King
Editorial staff: Karol King-Black, Richard Haskell
Reporters: Glenroy Aranha, Ben Knox, Harvey Roberts, Julie Ullrich

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Premiere issue, Volume I
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So why should I subscribe if I can get back issues for free online or get my cousin to share the latest issue?

First, because we'd like to be able to make small payments to local writers, including students from the All Age School, to encourage their talents. We'd like to continue to donate computers -- and Internet access -- to the island library, all-age school and a few community posts up and down yonder.


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